Sunday, 7 March 2010

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This reflects the topics I'd like to touch on eventually... No guarantees that things will develop as expected. Things will progress depending on what readers ask and would like me to touch on, not necessarily following the order below.

If you find this list confusing, it's because my thoughts lend themselves naturally to being organized in a tree shape. If anybody can think of a way of making it clearer, I'd be immensely grateful.

1.1. Trust the system, not the people
2.1.1. Watch
2.1.2. Think Wants and needs Trade-offs
2.1.4. Choose
2.1.5. Do
2.3. The long run
2.4.1. Why things go wrong: Rational reasons Prisoner's dilemma Double bind
2.4.3. Wicked problems and super-wicked problems
2.4.4. Steps to change
3.1. How to think about networks: who and what
3.1.1. Cultures are networks
3.2.1. Getting into somebody else's shoes
3.3.1. Links and time Strong and weak ties
3.3.2. Influence Principles of influence The balance of power A lever or a bridge? Ways of empowering people Communications breakdown: the cycle of silence
3.4.1. Random and scale-free networks What is a hub? Communication methods Few-to-few (interactive) Few-to-many (passive)
3.4.3. Creating and maintaining coordination
3.5. Mapping networks
3.5.1. Seeing what is not there
4.1.1. What is a city? Individual, local, global actions
4.2.1. The difference between good and bad groups
4.3.1. Magic numbers for small groups
4.3.2. Magic numbers for big groups
4.4. The wheel of life in groups
4.4.1. Steps to change in a group
4.4.2. Decision-making in groups Independent and full group decisions
4.4.3. Planning: loops within loops The levels of a plan: aligment Activity Result The plan The goals The bones, the flesh and the dress Rules of thumb for design Motives in a group The right kind of encouragement Effort, result and personal goals Eliminate negative and create positive
4.4.4. Characteristics of a good team
4.5. An effective group inside its environment
5.1.1. What happens when connectivity goes up?
5.1.2. What happens when connectivity goes down?
5.2.1. What happens when complexity goes up?
5.2.2. What happens when complexity goes down?
5.3. Resilience
5.3.1. How does resilience go up?
5.3.2. How does resilience go down?
5.4. Connectivity, complexity and resilience in examples
5.5. Connectivity and complexity in networks
5.6. Connectivity, complexity, resilience and cycles
5.6.1. The wheel of life drawn with axes
5.6.2. Cyclical sucession (or adaptive cycle)
5.7. Death: when the wheel of life stops

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